At Wood Moon Studio we love the earth and like the moon, everything we do revolves around it.

The earth is where all our ideas come from, ideas which we draw on paper, create in wood and all from our very own studio.


You see, life today can be complicated, so we decided to simplify.

We wanted lightweight eco-friendly jewelry that said something about how we felt about the world.

Something we could wear everyday knowing that it hadn’t cost the earth.

We set about making this a reality and Wood Moon Studio was born!

We can’t always be in nature so why not take it with us where-ever we go, with minimal designs that not only come from nature but express our love for it.


Be in the woods, even in the city. 

Listen to the birds, even when you can’t hear them

See the moon + stars, even if they are hidden.

the wood moon studio workspace
Sophia Deeney Manager Wood Moon Studio short curly hair


Sophia Deeney is the Designer + Manager behind the scenes of Wood Moon Studio.


Having grown up between the wilds of rural northwest Ireland and the vast urban landscape of London, early on, she was able to witness, not only the absolute beauty of nature but also the human impact on it, as she travelled back and forth between these very different places.

In Donegal, her father would take her and her siblings on long walks in the woods and along the beaches where he himself had grown up and tell them about the trees and wildlife, he would come up with ingenious ways to make and fix anything. At home, her mother would show them how to bake and cook from scratch. Each of them in their own way, teaching her how to make something out of seemingly nothing. 

After moving permanently to Donegal and finishing her secondary education, having always had a love for drawing and design, she attended the National College of Art & Design in Dublin.


When she finished university,she met her partner and they moved into a big old Georgian house in the countryside of Dublin along with his earthy herbalist parents. It was during this time that, teamed with what her parents had taught her and this new knowledge, she became more and more interested in creating alternative natural versions of what she saw on offer in shops and online. Alternatives that were kinder to humans and better for the environment.

Upon moving out of Dublin and settling in the little rural village of Inistioge, Co.Kilkenny, Sophia set up her very own studio/workshop where she now runs Wood Moon Studio, creating ecologically sound jewelry which is always mindful of nature and the environment.